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Welcome to the Embedded Planet page on the Micro Digital Website. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Embedded Planet™ to provide full RTOS support for RPX line of boards. Our goal is to provide off-the-shelf solutions that RPX customers can have running in a few hours.

We offer free Evaluation Kits for these boards: RPX-Lite 823 and RPX-Lite 850.

Click here to download smx Web Server Demo for RPX-Lite 850 Board

The smx Web Server demo showcases smx running on Embedded Planet's Power Architecture boards. The demo implements a HTML web site with CGI post and push commands and runs on the TCP/IP transport layer. To view this demo all you need, in addition to your RPX-Lite board, is a computer with an Ethernet card and the Netscape or Microsoft browser.

Loading the smx Web Server on the RPX-Lite 850 board

  1. Set all sw1 1-4 to on.
  2. Copy Web850.mot to c:\
  3. Run the RPXL utility software and a communication program such as Procomm (see RPX Utility software manual >> getting started)
    a) P (Program Flash)
    b) 2 FFE80000 YES (Erase 0xFFE80000 to 0xFFEBFFFF)
    c) 2 FFEC0000 YES (Erase 0xFFEC0000 to 0xFFEFFFFF)
    d) 5
    e) From Procomm Online>>Send File c:\Web850.mot in ascii
    (Ignore the E_RPX_NOT_WITHIN_FLASH warning)

Running the smx Web Server

  1. Run the RPXL utility software.
    a) Set the IP address to an address on your network. For example, if a computer on your network is then try (assuming it is unused) as follows:
    a) C 8 set IP CDA1080B (Set IP to in hex)
    b) 9 YES
    c) Cycle Power
  2. Connect the RPX Lite 850 board to your network hub.
  3. Run the RPXL utility software.
    a) B (Run rpxBug)
    b) C FFE80000 (Call the smx Web Server)
  4. In your broswer type (assuming that is the RPX Lite 850 board's IP address)

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