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  Freescale CodeWarrior ColdFire 30-Day Evaluation

Steps to Download
  1. Determine the version you need and click the link to go to the appropriate download page. Freescale sometimes reorganizing this part of their website, so let us know if the links are broken.

    For SMX EKs that indicate:

       CodeWarrior pre-v5:  Please contact us to update the EK.
       CodeWarrior v5 to v6.2:  Use v6.2 or v6.3.
       CodeWarrior v6.3:  Use v6.3.
       CodeWarrior v7.0 to v7.1:  Use v7.1 (294MB) and
              v7.1.1 patch (52MB). Posted with permission
               from Freescale.
       CodeWarrior v7.2:  Get v7.2 from Freescale and apply the
              v7.2.2 patch.

    v6.3 is on the patches page but by the size it appears to be the full version.
    v7.1.2 patch is posted on the Freescale website but we have not used it.
    v7.2 is significantly different and our eval kits for older versions will not work with it. We now support it, and we will update some eval kits.
    For all v7, you may want to avoid using Run to Cursor in the debugger when smxAware is enabled. See the note in the smxAware User's Guide, in the installation section for CodeWarrior ColdFire.  v7.1 fixes some problems we encountered in the code generation and debugger of v7.0, so we recommend downloading and using v7.1.
  2. Click on the link in step 1. If v7.1 or later, skip remaining steps.
  3. Register or Login
  4. Complete their form and Submit. Download and install it.
  5. After you install it, look at license.dat in the CodeWarrior bin directory, in your editor. It should have a comment indicating which version it is (Special, Standard, or Professional). You need Professional, so if it does not say this, continue with the next step. See the notes below about why this is important.
  6. Evaluation versions now include a 30-day key that enables all features. Since v6.3 is not an evaluation version, this is probably not true. One solution is to download the v7.1 tools too, install both, and copy its license.dat to the root of the v6.3 installation. Or, you can get a key by filling out a support request. (Go to www.freescale.com/support and click "Request Eval License" in the Quick Links at the right edge of the window. See the note at the bottom of that page.)
You need the Professional Edition to use smxAware and for the C++ compiler, for smx++ and PEG+. Standard Edition can be used for an SMX release if you don't purchase smxAware or C++ products. Since the eval kits include smx++ and/or PEG+, you will get many build errors unless you use the Professional Edition. Also, we want to demonstrate smxAware.

We are a CodeWarrior distributor. We encourage you to buy the tools from us.

Partner sites sometimes change their links, so please ask us for help if these links do not go the the proper download page.