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  IAR EWARM v5.30 and Later

Evaluation kits for IAR v5.1x and v5.2x should work fine on v5.30 and later, but you need to modify the linker command file (.icf) since the newer linker orders sections differently, which causes it to fail. Please make these changes at the end of the .icf file in the build directory under PROTOARM:

  1. ICODE line (or .intvec, if present): Change "in" to "at start of".
  2. Move the readonly line last.

Example (with fix made)

place at start of RAM_region { readonly section ICODE };
place in RAM_region { readwrite, ... };
place in RAM_region { readonly };

This patch is a temporary measure until we can update affected EKs.
If you have problems with the EK, email support@smxrtos.com.