We are proud to support the popular LPC family of ARM and Cortex-M microprocessors. We provide in-depth support for the full product line, including the latest processors for which development boards are available. Our support goes beyond the basic BSP to include drivers for most on-chip USB host, USB device, Ethernet, MMC/SD, and LCD controllers for smxUSBH, smxUSBD, smxNS, smxFS, and PEG, respectively. This allows us to offer full drop-in solutions for the LPC processors.

SMX® ARM RTOS supports the following NXP ARM microcontrollers:

  • LH754xx  (LH75400, LH75401, LH75410, LH75411)
  • LH7952x  (LH79520, LH79524, LH79525)
  • LH7A40x  (LH7A400, LH7A404)
  • LPC17xx  (LPC1768, LPC1788)
  • LPC18xx  (LPC1850)
  • LPC213x  (LPC2138)
  • LPC214x  (LPC2148)
  • LPC22xx  (LPC2294)
  • LPC23xx  (LPC2378, LPC2388)
  • LPC24xx  (LPC2468, LPC2478)
  • LPC29xx  (LPC2939)
  • LPC288x  (LPC2888)
  • LPC313x  (LPC3131, LPC3141, LPC3152)
  • LPC3180
  • LPC32x0  (LPC3250)
  • LPC43xx  (LPC4357)

and former Freescale processors:

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