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Other Products and Tools

eheap™ is a bin-type heap that provides adaptability, safety, and high performance for embedded systems running on RTOSes or standalone. It is intended to be a good fit for the many requirements of embedded systems. It can be easily tuned to the needs of your system, achieving high performance and minimal fragmentation. In addition, it offers some interesting debug and self-healing options.

GoFast™ is an IEEE 754 floating point library. It is fast, reentrant, and ROMable. Eliminates the need for hardware floating point processors. Much faster than most floating point libraries included with compilers, because it is written in assembly language and optimized for each processor. Supports: 68K, ARM, Cortex, ColdFire, MIPS, NIOS II, PowerPC / Power Architecture, SH, SPARC, V8xx, x86, Z80, 68HC, 8051, 80196.

uLoad™ is a secure installer and boot loader SDK designed for embedded platforms. uLoad can manage multiple images to install, activate and rollback to last-known-good. It utilizes standards based commercial grade security to generate a compact security header with hash signature and file encryption to secure the image file.

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