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  Company History

Micro Digital Inc. is a California Corporation founded in 1975 and incorporated in 1979. For many years the company was engaged exclusively in providing design services to companies producing microprocessor-based products, now known as embedded systems. Work included projects such as:

  • Deep-Sea Hydraulic Valve Control System
  • Gas Flow Analyzer
  • Numerical Control Post Processor
  • PBX SMDR Processor
  • Hand-Held Terminal
  • CP/M & MS-DOS Processor
  • Electronic Flow Totalizer
  • Computer Data Communications Systems

Evolution of smx

In the process, three precursors to smx were developed. In 1987, using all of the experience garnered over the prior twelve years, Micro Digital developed a proprietary multitasking kernel for embedded systems named "smx"® (simple multitasking executive). smx is a very stable product and has been well received by the industry. Micro Digital has shipped hundreds of smx development kits to embedded systems programmers in the United States and throughout the world.
Initially Micro Digital offered only the smx kernel and smxProbe, a diagnostic tool. Soon it became evident that there was a need by embedded projects for integrated libraries such as file i/o, networking, and graphics, and tools such as compilers, linker/locators, and debuggers. Micro Digital was quick to recognize this need and established partnerships with other vendors to integrate their products with smx. In addition, talented consultants were recruited to help develop new products. These comprise the SMX® RTOS, which continues to grow from the community of developers Micro Digital has fostered.
In recent years, Micro Digital has developed new products, some of which replace partner products, in order to control their implementation and development, and to have the in-house expertise to support and enhance them.

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